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Why Tauros, who we are & what we do.
Brille mit Gravur "Handmade in Austria"

Since 2018 we manufacture spectacle frames from the horn of the Indian water buffalo. The material offers optimal properties for creative craftsmanship and convinces with its lightness and unique touch.

klassy compositions

Soft tones of brown, beige and black, layer by layer, make natural horn glasses unique. No horn sheet is like the other. Sometimes streaked like clouds that move weightlessly across the sky, sometimes more distant, with inclusions of random patterns. Only nature itself can compose something like that.

Drei Brillen verschiedenfärbig


Tauros glasses are incredibly lightweight, what makes them comfortable to wear like no other. Even spectacle frames with thicker layers of horn are surprisingly lightweight. Feel the difference of wearing Tauros and let the eyeglasses become a part of you.

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freedom in shapes

The making of Tauros glasses is a creative process. Far away from pressure of time harmonious shapes are designed. Depending on the model, glasses as diverse as the people who wear them are created.

Close-Up Brillenfassung Gace Form
Drei Brillen verschiedenfärbig

form grinding.

At first the chosen horn plate is processed to the shape of your choice.

Adjusting the side pieces.

Once the general shape is done, the side pieces of your glasses are adjusted.

final touch.

For a perfect surface the frame of your glasses is fine sanded by hand.

Have a look behind the scenes...

The mastermind.

As a craftsman who attaches great importance to detail, Armin Bauer began to manufacture his first spectacle frames of natural horn in 2018. With about 30 years of experience as an optician, he knows exactly what matters when it comes to eyewear. The perfect match of creative design and natural horn, made by mother nature, makes TAUROS Eyewear unique.

I am looking forward to manufacture
your next pair of glasses!

 –  Armin Bauer, Bauer Optik