Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen in unsere Werkstatt

Since 2018 we manufacture spectacle frames from the horn of the Indian water buffalo. The material offers optimal properties for creative craftsmanship and convinces with its lightness and unique touch.

echte Handarbeit

The horn's texture and color make every spectacle frame unique. We are happy to assist you at the selection of the horn sheet. Besides that you can also choose between either a matt or polished surface.

Discover what makes your glasses special...


Try a huge range of different spectacle frames at our store and find your model.


Select a horn sheet, from which your eyeglass frame is made.


After being manufactured, your eyeglass frame will be adjusted accordingly.


We are happy to finish your spectacle frame with glasses fitting your individual prescription.


But what does sustainability mean exactly?

On the one hand it means, to be usable for a longer period of time and on the other, the silvicultural principle of sustainability means that wood is utilized only to the extent which is permanently reproduced, and that forests are managed in such as way that soil, fauna and flora remain intact, too.

Our glasses of natural horn actually have that longer durability.  Their useful life lasts about 3–5 years, and with good care even longer.

Mit einer Tauros Büffelhornbrille tragen Sie ein nachhaltiges Produkt auf Ihrer Nase!