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Tauros offers the right frame for every character – from significant forms to smooth lines.

Hornblöcke mehrfärbig
Brillenfassung Gams


Just as the chamoises belong to the Alps, this classical eyeframe forms a part of our collection. Gams is a expressive eyeframe for both men and women.


Diese Brille kleidet eine Frau ebenso schön wie ein Dirndl, das traditionelle Kleidungsstück einer Frau in meiner Heimat. Das Design unserer Brille ist jedoch keineswegs traditionell…

Brillenfassung Dirndl
Brillenfassung Grace


A ladies' frame combining soft shapes and fragile lines simple that emphasize feminity.

Rocka Rolla

A spectacle frame originally created for a musician and which, as he likes to say, braves the hard life of Rock'n Roll.

Brillenfassung Rocka Rolla
Brillenfassung Free Solo

Free Solo

Free Solo is about pushing the limits to the maximum and that's exactly what I did at designing this fashionable men's eyeglass frame.


A spectacle frame that fits gently to masculine facial features. The size is adjustable, the shape is definite.

Brillenfassung Freund
Brillenfassung Juve


Juve stands for joie de vivre, appears delicate and playful – a spectacle frame for both men and women. One of the first and most acclaimed frames.


Accurate and definite, simple and interesting. A men's spectacle frame for nearly any type – no limit!

Brillenfassung Limit


The original form of glasses, something like the golden section. A unisex model that both men and women can wear.


Exactly the right model for people with a favor for large glasses. A perfect fit and creative design makes Hyper stand out.

Brillenfassung Rosa


Full momentum, style and expression! Rosa is just the right choice for fashion-conscious ladies.


A frame just as Jager must not be missed at the Ausseerland. Classical design that suits any occcasion.

Brillenfassung Jager
Glasses according to your wishes

The horn's texture and color make every spectacle frame unique. We are happy to assist you at the selection of the horn sheet. Besides that you can also choose between either a matt or polished surface.

Discover what makes your glasses special...


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Select a horn sheet, from which your eyeglass frame is made.


After being manufactured, your eyeglass frame will be adjusted accordingly.


We are happy to finish your spectacle frame with glasses fitting your individual prescription.

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