Handmade & individual.

For convicted eyeglass wearers.
Natural horn eyeglasses as a statement.

Hornblöcke und Brille auf Werkbank
Brillenfassung Juve Nahaufnahme

What makes Tauros-Eyeglasses special.

For us most important is, that you feel good with your glasses. That's why we provide extra comfort.


Pleasant wearing comfort and best fit from the first moment.


Harmonic curves and chiseled features – spectacles to suit every taste.


Highly resistant, light and exceptional – color and natural grain are always unique.
a one-stop service

TAUROS eyewear is a Bauer Optik's exclusive. Eyewear frames are manufactured in our own workshop. Every stage of the process, from a proper eye test to your individual spectacles and maintenance everything is offered from a single source.


But what does sustainability mean exactly?

On the one hand it means, to be usable for a longer period of time and on the other, the silvicultural principle of sustainability means that wood is utilized only to the extent which is permanently reproduced, and that forests are managed in such as way that soil, fauna and flora remain intact, too.

Our glasses of natural horn actually have that longer durability.  Their useful life lasts about 3–5 years, and with good care even longer.

The workmanship of horn from India is similar to the the silivicultural principle of sustainability. It is taken from a dead animal, grinded and cut into smaller pieces. After a veterinary inspection the buffalo horn is ready for worldwide shipping and that is how it comes to Bad Aussee.

Buffalo horn is a regenerative raw material which we process at our own workshop.

Wearing Tauros glasses means wearing a sustainable product!